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In addition to his instrumental works, in his late years an undiscovered passion towards lyrics and songs has led him to acknowledge and develop a surprising hidden talent towards the art of songwritting.

His new collaborative (yet unreleased) work features 16 new songs written for 16 different singers. An exquisite sensibility in terms of musicality, passion and sense of humour has led to this project being treated with special attention to detail:

Each and every one of the songs have been written and arranged in a unique way inspired exclusively by the tone, colour and register of the voices and the compositional approach of each and every one of the artists.

Photography - Marta Vilardell



Blackbird - Lucas Delgado trio ft Rita Payés & Juan Pastor
BaMi - Lucas Delgado trio ft Rita Payés & Juan Pastor





Judit Neddermann

Eva Fernández

Magalí Datzira

Selma Bruna

Magalí Sare

Rita Payés

Sílvia Pérez Cruz


Darío Barroso

Lucas Delgado

Pau Figueres

Pol Batlle

Sílvia Pérez Cruz -  Abril 2020

Sílvia Pérez Cruz - Voice, composition

Marina Sala - Voice

Carlos Montfort - Violin

Marta Roma - Violoncello

Lucas Delgado - Piano

Darío Barroso - Guitar

Juan Pastor - Doublebass

Aleix Tobias - Drums

Salvador Sobral - I'll be home for Christmas

Salvador Sobral - Voice

Lucas Delgado - Piano

St George Quartet - Presentation

Rita Payés - Trombone

Lucas Delgado - Piano, composition

Magalí Datzira - Doublebass

Pol Ribó - Drums

Sílvia Pérez Cruz - Estimat

Sílvia Pérez Cruz - Vocals, composition

Lucas Delgado - Piano

Juan Pastor - Doublebass

Still Life - Finalmente

Margherita Abita - Vocals

João Silva - Violin, composition

Lucas Delgado - Piano

Almalé - Flow my tears

Pilar Almalé - Vocals, Viola da gamba

Lucas Delgado - Piano

Fran Gazol percusión

Photography: Joey Schultz


Original Soundtracks

Alongside his concerns as a performer, he also works as a composer, arranger and performer for films/tv series or even computer games.

Apart from the piano as the main instrument, he uses the Logic Pro X as a working tool to cover different registers, whether they are compositions orchestrated by real or virtual instruments.

Deeply knowledge and understanding of the program in addition to his wide experience as an arranger  have allowed him to span every inch of the digital and musical spectrum and therefore perform all kinds of work in the most versatile way:

Documentary "The truth about the Mendoza case"



Co-production Pickwick films and RTVE .

MINI Electric UK commercials.


Director: Dan Castella

Photography - Alicia Corpas

Horror Cinema Short Film - INGUMA


Director: Rafael Tirado



October 8, Madrid, Sala Clamores - Lucas Delgado Solo

October 9 - Gernika, Astra - Jake Sherman & Lucas Delgado

October 10 - Donostia, Altxerri - Jake Sherman & Lucas Delgado

October 11 - Hospitalet, El Pumarejo - Jake Sherman & Lucas Delgado ft Lau Noah

October 12 - Undisclosed Location - Jake Sherman & Lucas Delgado

October 13 - Girona, Sunset Jazz Club - Jake Sherman & Lucas Delgado

October 14 - Barcelona, Casa Seat - Jake Sherman & Lucas Delgado

October 15 - Madrid, Peor Para el Sol - Jake Sherman & Lucas Delgado

October 27 - Sant Cugat, Ateneu  - Lucas Delgado Solo

Photography - Josep Pinyol

Nubes oscuras



Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Lucas Delgado grew up listening to a very unique mixture of flamenco, classical, jazz, and some hits from his parents' favourite bands such as The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, ...

Soon he developed a strong feeling and interest towards music and started picking up all those little melodies on the piano, an instrument her mom used to play for him as a baby.

Some years beyond he ends up majoring in jazz piano and releasing at age 23 his debut original album La Punta de l’Iceberg playing duo with his double bassist colleague Juan Pastor and featuring some of the finest musicians in the country such as Sílvia Pérez Cruz Selma Bruna and Darío Barroso.


In addition to receiving great recognition at the state level, La Punta de l’Iceberg has come to captivate the attention of the well known Japanese label INPARTMAINT INC, with whom they have released an exclusive edition of the album.


Currently Lucas stands a natural songwriter, having released his second original album - La Tornada - recorded live with trombonist and singer Rita Payés and double bassist Juan Pastor, having composed more than a hundred original songs and starting to produce his new solo work.


Photography - Alejandra Isern



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